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Hi you all,
thank you for reading my blog.
Well, I just took a quick look into Monster Hunter 3's structure and I recognized that they have stored lots of text in the main.dol. The items aren't stored in the itemdata.bin anymore, even if Capcom left this file in (its the same as in the demo).
I already found some text as the stuff the people are telling you in the pop-ups ("Tutorials") as well as some Wii system messages and Reward text.
The weird thing is they mixed up the monster, weapon, armor and item names to an confusing bash of text o_o Take a look:
It seems they have written everything twice: first in Half-width Katakana, second time as Full-width Katakana. I have to test if we have to translate both or not.

Another problem is the char limitation. As I am not able to repoint the text, I have to deal with the character limit caused by the japanese characters :S

I am also still searching for other menu stuff like the item pouch and such...